Bass Lessons with Sam

My aim as a bass teacher is to help my students fall in love with not only playing the bass but playing music as a whole. I specialize in private teaching of students of all ages, from beginners to advanced, covering repertoire ranging all styles. My background is in jazz and classical, but as a performer I bring those genres to any genre I play. I believe bringing this background to my students will help them achieve their musical goals in any style of music they wish to play.
I approach each lesson with a mentality of teaching my students what they want to learn, not only what I think they must learn, providing an exciting and safe learning environment. From what my students express, I am able to create a plan to get them to where they can be playing what they want to play currently, with the right technique. Depending on beginning skill level, this may take a day, or it could take a month, but the results always come. From playing a gig with friends to auditioning for college, I prepare my students with what they need to succeed in any environment.
In my studio, I am devoted to helping my students, regardless of their background. I am fully committed to the success of my students and will adapt to whatever their needs are. Playing and teaching a diverse range of music from a variety of composers and artists with different backgrounds is what I do. I strive to create a learning environment where any one of my students could become the next great bass player or musical artist. I recognize from my study of many artists, that the right teacher can open a student’s mind to a world of possibilities, but most importantly open them to the love and appreciation of music.
Lesson Info:
  • 45 min lessons @ $45.00
  • Zoom or in-person (Boston area) lesson options 
    • Covers topics on both upright and/or electric including:
      • Technique
      • ​Repertoire 
      • Audition Prep
      • Theory
      • And more...